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Using automation to build content and drive traffic to a recruitment news aggregation blog

Creating a news sharing website and social media platforms using automation.

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Recruitment News UK is a brand new organisation which brings together all of the relevant and trending news in the world of recruitment, HR and leadership.

Bath, United Kingdom
Recruitment News

The Client

Recruitment News UK is a brand new organisation which brings together all of the relevant and trending news in the world of recruitment, HR and leadership. Rather than check several websites each day and deal with an inbox full of different newsletters, Recruitment News UK (RNUK) allows users to quickly access the articles which are most relevant to them.

The Challenge

RNUK challenged us to create a brand new website which would be automatically populated with news from pre-approved websites. The automation was a key aspect; the website had to be able to be updated without manual assistance.

To promote the website, RNUK also asked for an automated social media feed, which would update instantly when new articles became available. In addition, RNUK wanted to add their own articles, which would be completed by staff with a reasonable amount of technical proficiency.

The Solution

Creative Goldfish created a powerful platform based on WordPress which fetches articles from the RSS feeds of the relevant websites. This checks the websites for new information every 30 minutes.

We set-up social media accounts and created custom software using Twitter’s API which takes the published articles to RNUK’s feed and crafts a Tweet. Later, we created a LinkedIn page, working with LinkedIn’s API to boost the social presence of RNUK.

We produced an easy to use dashboard so that the RNUK team could add sources on demand and gave full training on best practice. Creative Goldfish also hosts RNUK on our super fast and reliable managed hosting platform.

The Results

RNUK now works exactly as envisioned. The website was carefully optimised for SEO and is regularly maintained so that it ranks highly with search engines, often appearing in searches ahead of the original article source.

Since the website launch in July 2019, RNUK has reached an average of 2000 new users each month without any advertising other than the social media presence.

The RNUK have been able to update the website with their own articles and can maintain the website with confidence. The website also features advertising space, which has been used to drive traffic through to the parent company and to promote the UK Government’s COVID-19 messaging.

Key Outcomes
  • RNUK reaches an average of more than 2000 new users each month
  • RNUK was recommended by OnRec, a popular Recruitment News website
  • The website ranks third in Google searches for the term “recruitment news uk”
  • The website ranks fourth in Google searches for the term “recruitment news”
  • The website often ranks higher in Google searches than the original source

"We were recommended by a friend and Creative Goldfish did not disappoint. Ryan couldn’t have been more helpful throughout the whole process of building our new website. He's able to take exactly what you're picturing in your mind and put it together on the screen, and we'll certainly be using Creative Goldfish for any future projects we have. Thank you so much for everything!"
– Sadie Jones, PR Account Executive

How We Can Help You

Sometimes, you need a bespoke solution to fulfil your business needs. Whether you require automation or something else entirely, we can help to build a website which does exactly what you need it to. For more information and to start talking about your website project, get in touch.

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