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Working with a tech startup to rapidly transform the design of their smart home app

Improving an app concept using customer-oriented design.

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RIDE is their smart home application which aims to link smart devices from different manufacturers, so that they can be controlled by a singular device.

Lancaster, United Kingdom

The Client

RIDE is their smart home application which aims to link smart devices from different manufacturers, so that they can be controlled by a singular device. In theory, the RIDE app would allow your smart lighting, security and kitchen equipment to be controlled from one point of access.

In addition to this, RIDE have created a microchip for manufacturers which allows them to easily produce smart devices. These products are then automatically connected via the RIDE app, and can communicate with smart home devices from other manufacturers.

The Challenge

RIDE, which is supported by Lancaster University, approached us after they had produced a technical design for the app. They knew how they wanted the app to function but were unsure how to bring their vision to life. In order to secure funding for RIDE and encourage use of the app, the team needed an attractive and user-friendly design.

The Solution

We began by determining the target audience for RIDE, so that the final app could be designed to resonate specifically with this group. We considered how to create a design which would appeal to several different sets of customers, such as manufacturers and end-users, as per the brief from the creators of the RIDE app. Before tackling the app design, we created branding which would reflect the final look and feel of the app.

We then decided to take things back to the concept stage, so that both the design and technical capabilities could be incorporated together in order to create the best user experience. Working closely with the stakeholders, we produced initial designs and layouts before creating a full scale set of designs which formed an interactive prototype. We used an iterative design methodology, seeking regular feedback to ensure the design was aligned with the technical vision for the application.

Once the stakeholders were completely satisfied with the final version, we provided a detailed handover document which contained all the designs in a layered format, allowing viewers to see the individual components. We also included the technical specifications in a CSS style sheet, which enables presentation to be standardised across different tools and applications.

We remain in contact with the developers of the app as work progresses, providing design feedback on updated versions of RIDE to ensure design elements are preserved along the various development stages.

The Results

Following our interactions, RIDE were able to move forward with a fantastic prototype which provided them with the building blocks for an app. The developers can now progress on to further stages with a sophisticated design which appeals to the end-audience. The user friendly design incorporates both design and technical elements; RIDE is an app which truly delivers on all aspects of user experience.

"The RIDE app was in serious need of an upgrade from its “programmer graphics.” Creative Goldfish handled everything from branding to the actual app layouts, incorporating our feedback at each milestone; they were able to come up with a clean and modern design that followed our original work, but improved it all around. The design was also practical, which allowed for easy integration and minimal code changes. Creative Goldfish was excellent and I would definitely use them again in the future."
– Wyatt Lindquist, RIDE Developer

How We Can Help You

If you’re an app developer then design may not be your strong point, and this is where we can help. The look and feel of an app is as important to the end-user as the technical elements, and can often help secure funding in earlier stages.

We are able to very quickly produce a prototype and there is no pressure to create a long-term commitment during the app’s lifetime. We can also help with technical elements of app development, and our understanding of this side of things helps us to create designs which truly work for your app.

About Creative Goldfish

Creative Goldfish is a digital services agency based in London. Founded in 2018, we have helped clients achieve their goals through a range of digital means. We specialise in finding technical solutions to business challenges and work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that we meet their exact requirements. We love what we do, and you’ll love the results too.

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